Paying patients to take drugs, or helping them make informed choices?

by Wendy Lynch, PhD, Co-Director Altarum Center for Consumer Choice in Health Care. Reposted with the author’s permission from HCMS Group Blog, November 2011. . It’s hard to imagine something scarier than a heart attack: crushing pain, combined with the realization that the organ you rely on to beat every second of every day […]

Can I Really Be Bought for a Pen or a Coffee Mug? Maybe, Because it’s Complicated

by Richard Payne, MD Professor of Medicine and Divinity, Duke University The long recognized fact that human behavior is complex, not always rational, and driven by a number of factors—physical, psychological and economic—is receiving much renewed attention.   Recent bestselling books, such as Predictably Irrational: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions, by Dan Ariely, and […]

Pain in My Back and Medicare’s Pocketbook: Why So Many Spinal Fusions in Norton, Kentucky?

Jeffrey Moe, Ph.D. Executive in Residence and Adjunct Associate Professor, The Fuqua School of Business, Duke University The Wall Street Journal published a December 20, 2010 article describing how the 3rd highest number of “spinal fusion” procedures (fusing two or more vertebrae to alleviate back pain) for Medicare patients (2004-2008) occurs in Norton, Ky.  The […]